Hong Kong Pop 60+

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Exhibition Design, Exhibit Guidelines

GAA, The Light Particles (photography), our HK-based Project manager — Rebel Arkitekt and the Main Contractor — Kingsmen HK to deliver this special project. 

Overall Graphic Designer in-charge and developed a Graphic Hierarchy and Graphic Elevation guidelines to implement for the entire exhibit space. 

The Hong Kong Pop 60+ permanent exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum focuses on the development of Hong Kong popular music, film, and television and radio programs, as well as comics and toys, from the end of the Second World War to the early 2000s. It illustrates the development of Hong Kong popular culture, featuring more than 1,000 exhibits and introducing their social backgrounds and artistic features. The exhibition encourages visitors to explore Hong Kong’s past while inspiring us to preserve Hong Kong’s diverse culture and create a better future.

Museum Exhibition Tour Video featuring Liza Wang, aka “The Big Sister” in the HK entertainment circle.
Video Credits to Liza Wong Youtube.

Overall Plan of the Exhibit Space:

Section 1
Diversity & Cultural Convergence

Architectural, Stylistic, Abstract, Engaging + Fun
Showcasing Hong Kong as a vibrant city that celebrates cultural diversity

Theme colours: Cantonese Opera Red, Dark Grey + White
As visitors enter the Diversity & Cultural Convergence gallery, they are transported to different abstracted areas that reflects the different points of influences on Hong Kong’s popular culture and Hong Kong’s diversity.

Swipe to see a Comparison of the actual Exhibit and the Proposed Exhibit Design:

Swipe to see a Comparison of the actual Exhibit and the Proposed Text Panels/Labels Design:

Section 2:
Collective Memories & Sense of Belonging
The curved passage with multiple TV screens on both sides serve as a transition zone. It offers visitors an immersive glimpse into the collective memories of significant events that shaped the mindsets of the Hong Kong public.

Section 3.5
Radio Broadcast

Contemporary, Exploratory, Interactive, Playful 

Theme Colours: Black Backdrop, Ambient lit Glass Showcases, Gramophone Soundbar.
Before the advent of Television, Radio was an increasing popular outlet for the rise of culture, spurred on by the increase of the youth population in Hong Kong at the time.

The gallery centers around the 4 main radio stations that brought popular culture to the masses. A funnel-like entrance, reminiscent of a gramophone transitions the visitors from a curved passage into the new space. Around the perimeter, dynamic combination of displays and graphic lightboxes, audiopods with different radio recordings — allunified by radio-inspired design language — create a stylised journey through the history of Hong Kong’s broadcasting. At the central display, key radio artefacts anchor the displays visually. Visitors are free to walk around the encased artefacts to view them up close.

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Label Design Guidelines for Showcases and Multimedia:

Section 3.1
Popular Culture & its Art Form — Film Culture
流行文化 •  電影文化

Spacious, Modern, Sleek, Sophisticated

Theme colours: Black + Dark Grey backdrop, Film Strip Lightboxes and Copper Film Canisters feature wall.
Key Interactives: VR green screen room — Pose with movie stars, 6 TV screen social table — Select your favourite genre movie clips.

The gallery showcases Hong Kong’s world renown and celebrated culture of north and south fusion martial arts with unique choreography as well as distinct local comedy genres and visually striking New Wave films that reflect Hong Kong cultural phenomena.

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Section 3.4
Design and Cultural Activities
設計 • 文化活動

White backdrop with LED lit display showcases
Interactive trophy wall — touchscreen to view music award info and with synchronised lighting to light up selected trophy. The concept in this zone is to create a flexible white space that allows for easily rotatable temporary displays.

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Office of Dr . Kan Tai-keung, one of Hong Kong’s most famous graphic designers and noted ink painters.

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Section 3.2
Music Culture – Art of Sound
音樂文化 • 聲演藝術

Grand, Theatrical, Memorable, Monumental, Symmetrical

Colour theme:  Black, Electric Blue and Purple

Interactives — TV interviews with famous muscians and composers, flipbook touchscreen to read composers history and song lyrics, multimedia touchscreen to select your favourites song to play.

The main feature of this gallery is the 360° concert stage where it displays costumes worn by Hong Kong’s most notable performers. Above the stage is a suspended circular LED screen that displays clips from famous concerts which along with theatrical lighting effects will become a centrepiece to the gallery. It sets the scene for celebration and exploration of canto pop music through multiple decades. The permeter full height showcases display most popular music albums in the last 3 decades and glass showcases display guitars and accessories worn by famous artists.

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Section 3.3
Popular Culture & its Art Form — TV Culture
流行文化• 電視文化

Modern, Artistic, Retro, Impactful

TV Test Screen Patterns
Interactive — touchscreens to view memorable music and film clips of childern education 7 TV programmes, classic drama, variety show

Multimedia Projection Room — to view different home setting scences from 1960s to 2000s

Television was a part of everyday lives, from dramas which were the talk of the town to variety shows that entertained and became the tool to create a shared sense of belonging”.

This gallery displays snap shots of TV shows iconic and memorable moments and historical artefacts in the past 3 generations.

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Section 4
Other Popular Culture

Clean, Awe-inspiring, Fluid forms, Contemporary cabinet of curiosities approach
The fluid forms of the display shelves in this section provide a fitting conclusion and “wow” moment for the last section of the gallery. The stepped curved shelves are interrupted by cuts in the curved forms which contain section panels for each section.

Projection above the dispolays could be changed yearly to refelect the latest trends and influences in contemporary Hong Kong culture.

Central part of this zone serves as seating area which its fluid shape follows the shelving units.

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